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CMG Talent

CMG Talent is a New York based online talent agency for stunt performers. The directory highlights stuntmen and stuntwomen, and outlines their profile statistics, skills and abilities. Whether you’re in search of a high fall, a fire burn, an aggressive car chase, or a high speed repel… CMG has the talent to deliver it to the screen. Our members work on film, television, and commercial productions across the US. Our stunt players represent the most experienced, union stunt performers in the territories that we cover. is home to highly skilled male and female stunt performers, rookies, and stunt kids.  We represent stunt performers, stunt coordinators, and second unit directors. We have stunt drivers, acrobats, martial artists, parkour athletes, gymnasts, equestrians, scuba divers, race car drivers, motorcycle racers, riggers, repellers, climbers, grapplers, boxers, athletes, and a large selection of fighters.

CMG provides an unpresented resource to the film and television community by providing 24/7 unlimited access to stunt performers for production, hair, makeup, wardrobe, and AD staff for logistics and contracting. Directors, producers, and casting all have access to head shots and resumes to choose the best talent and have the accompanying physical statistics to provide them all the information they need to choose the best performer for a role. Stunt doubles can be easily chosen to match any actor or actress with our new extensive database CMGPro.

CMG was designed by the top East Coast stunt coordinators to help facilitate their jobs and get stunt people seamlessly to set. Since our inception in 2002, we have achieved our goal. Our Agency has rapidly expanded to serve the needs of the film and television community. Stunt performers benefit tremendously from a personal webpage that is available to be viewed by stunt coordinators, directors, and casting which automatically translates into getting hired for more roles.

The Agency is exclusive to the stunt community and provides an unprecedented service.

CMG Talent, Inc. is wholly owned by Dancin Productions Inc.